The Roots of Network Tree

Founded in 2023, the idea for Network Tree originated when our Founder, Carly, went through the MBA internship recruitment process as a first-year MBA candidate. To network for internship opportunties, she spoke with various people: CBS and Northwestern alumni, LinkedIn connections, friends of friends, and anyone that would speak with her. Due to the large amount of networking calls she had, she didn't have a good way to keep track of the conversations. Carly also realized she needed a way to set reminders to follow up with the people she spoke to. While she built her own excel spreadsheet and looked for existing tools, she quickly realized that these tools did not meet her needs. As such, she became determined to build a solution: Network Tree

Meet the Founder:

Carly is a MBA Candidate at Columbia Business School, with an innate entrepreneurial spirit and drive. She is eager to apply the networking expertise she gained working in Real Estate to Network Tree.