About Network Tree

Founded in 2023, the idea behind Network Tree originated when our Founder, Carly, went through the MBA internship recruitment process as a first-year MBA candidate at Columbia Business School. To network for internship opportunities, she spoke with various recruiters, school alumni, LinkedIn connections, friends of friends... basically anyone that would speak with her. Due to the number of networking calls she was conducting, she realized that she didn't have a good way to keep track of the conversations. Carly also realized she needed a way to set reminders to follow up with the people she spoke to. She built her own excel spreadsheet and looked for existing tools, but quickly realized that existing solutions did not meet her needs. As such, she became determined to build the solution: Network Tree

Introducing Your Personal 👥 Networking Tool

Dedicated Reminders

We can all be forgetful... With reminders, ensure that opportunities do not slip through the cracks!

Contact Organization

Working on a groups project? Leading a club? With Network Tree, you can sort your contacts into groups.

Contact Organization

Understand your customers like never before. Track user behavior

Seamless Integration

Upload your contacts from various platforms, so you can manage them all in one place on Network Tree!

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