Become a Student Ambassador for Network Tree.

Network Tree is a personal relationship management platform to strategically organize and utilize your personal and professional relationships. Through our Student Ambassador program, students are given the opportunity to gain real marketing experience by promoting and teaching your campus community about Network Tree.

Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements:


Full-time Student

You must be either an undergraduate or graduate student at college or university located in the U.S. The program does not count for class credit.


Located On-Campus

Student Ambassadors must be able to easily access their campus communities to host events and post other promotional materials.


Time Commitment

Student Ambassadors are expected to be able to commit 2-5 hours per week. This includes team meetings, campus events and other independent work.

There will be monthly competitions for ambassadors to win a $100 gift card of their choosing.

Interested in joining our team?

Apply for our Student Ambassador Program!

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